About Brinx.

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Why Brinx?

We love the web. We love sharing stuff on the web. And we built Brinx for everyone who shares this passion with us. Brinx is an insanely neat service that lets you brand the links you share with your friends, fans and followers. With Brinx you can continue sharing great links and advertise your brand at the same time - without the awkwardness of talking about yourself all the time.

The Founders

Saman Rahmanian - UX

Saman is a Creative Director and entrepreneur in NYC. His projects and work have been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Ad Week, and on local and national television networks.
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Andronicus Riyono - Technology

Nico is a skilled web development expert with over 5 years experience and a lifetime of interest in the field. As a university lecturer, Nico cultivates talent in the next generation.
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