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Launch Press Release

January 19, 2012

New service transforms link sharing into brand building.

Newly-launched service Brinx ( transforms link sharing – an activity that everyone is already doing – into a promotion and brand building activity.

People love sharing links with friends and followers - from the funny and cute to the entertaining and useful. But for those who want to promote their personal brand or advertise a product or service, link sharing has remained entirely untapped as a promotional tool.

Brinx is a service that allows people to brand the links they share. It works similar to a short URL service, where people can shorten their links and share them anywhere they like. But when people click on Brinx URLs, their branding will sit above any website they shared.

"We were actually using the technique of branding links for our own website last year and were amazed at how well it worked," says Andronicus Riyono, co-founder of Brinx. "It's a great traffic driver for your own website at zero media cost."

"Nobody wants to hear a company talk about its brand all the time. Sometimes, your followers just want to watch a cute cat video. What's nice about Brinx is that you can continue sharing great links, like a cute cat video, and advertise your brand at the same time, without the awkwardness of talking only about yourself," says the co-founder Saman Rahmanian.

Brinx is available at $0.99/month and comes with a free 30-day trial period.

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